30 years of experience in the jewelery industry became the basis for creating in 2008 a unique jewelry collection for Lindenau.

Lindenau's clients are mature, courageous people with a unique sense of design and quality.

Design of Lindenau

The constant search for uniqueness while still preserving current trends.

Quality of Lindenau

Our endeavor is to reach absolute perfection for performance with the use of advanced techniques and latest technologies.

Uniqueness of Lindenau

As a matter of fact our collection has the best jewellery created using precise and emotional human hands.

Strong reminders; orders submitted by our European goldsmiths should expect unique and individual approaches for specific products.


Monika Wysocka-Andrich


Almost 30 years of experience in jewellery business give her a ground to create contemporary and amazing jewellery collections for Lindenau.

„Piece of jewellery, like all works of art, must be beautiful from every angle – perfect from the front to the reverse of each design.”

„Lindenau wants to create jewellery that are characterised by their uniqueness, by the colours of the finishing and by the shapes”